How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (2023)

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There's no need to miss out on fries on your low-carb journey. Thatlow carb chipswill always satisfy your craving for crispy fries without all the extra carbs!


There are so many recipes for great low-carb dips these days; there are tasty sauces likeAvocadosausand so sweetChocolate chip cookie dough sauce…but not many things to really dive intoemhen.

While celery, carrots, and broccoli all work well in the sauce, sometimes you just want some good low-carb chips. (And it would be great to have something to dip in the nacho cheese!)


Enter these absolutely delicious keto tortilla chips.

This is a great recipe forcut healthy mothers, those who eatSalvation, or who is lookingcut carbs.

You can also make them savory, savory or sweet! Seriously, they are the perfect low-carb snack and are sure to solve all your potato chip cravings!

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So what do you need to make these delicious low-carb snacks? 3 simple ingredients you already have on hand and your favorite seasoning. That's right... super easy!

mozzarella cheese

almond flour


Spices (for this savory version use garlic powder and paprika powder - you can also use onion powder or chili powder).

You may have noticed the resemblance to tadpole dough here.

Mozzarella cheese makes an excellent base for many low-carb pasty recipes because of its mild flavor.

In fact, that's what they use in these classicsLow carb cheeseburger bunsand as a basis for this super popularpizza cups.

I have generally found it best to grate your own cheese. Pre-shredded cheese may contain fillings and shredded cheese may not melt as well.

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So how do you make these chips? Is easy.

In my experience, it's even a lot easier than making traditional potato chips.

To benormal chipsthey are super easy! Even if this is your first time making keto chips, you can do it.


The first stepis to mix your dry ingredients: the flour and the spices. (Almond flour blank works best instead of almond flour)

EBeat an egg and mix with the dry ingredients. The mixture will be crumbly and you will likely have some lumps; as long as it's well matched, don't stress.

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Next stepMelt the mozzarella: Add the mozzarella cheese to a separate microwave-safe bowl. You are going to put it in the microwave for 40-60 seconds until it melts. (Cheddar cheese will not work as a substitute.)

Doingnoovercooked; you don't make cheese chips, you make cheese for the dough.

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FollowingMix the melted mozzarella with the crumbly mixture and knead with your hands until well blended.

If the dough looks even, you're good. If it's still not mixed well and it's hardening, microwave it for another 20 seconds to soften it up (don't do more than that, you don't want it to boil!).

Once everything is combined and the dough looks consistent (it will be a thick dough), use your hands to roll it into a ball.

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You are now ready to turn your batter into chips, ready to cook!

Place the ball of dough between two pieces of parchment paper (parchment paper) and flatten it. Open the dough with a rolling pin (or if you don't have one, a round cup or a large can).

Stop when the dough is consistently flat, about 2mm thick.

How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (6)

Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut the dough into strips 1.5 to 2 inches wide and make diagonal cuts to create triangle shapes.

How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (7)


The cooking process consists of two stages.: fry until golden brown and grill - no need to fry!

You willto roastplace them on a parchment-lined baking sheet and thenBradenLet them rest for another 2 minutes, so they become crispy and golden. That's all, see? Simple!

That's all, see? Simple!

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Don't worry, just gently melt the shredded mozzarella in a non-stick skillet or on the stove.

Same goes if you need to reheat the dough because it will get tough. Just use low heat and watch out for burns.


One of the reasons your fries are soft is that you didn't fry them long enough.

Or maybe they're just not skinny enough.

You want a maximum thickness of 1/16 of an inch.

Another reason chips don't get crispy is that you don't flatten them properly. Make sure the dough is evenly flattened.

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Follow the instructions for your specific machine.

In general, you should be able to bake your homemade keto chips at 180C / 350F for 8-10 minutes.

Then let them cool completely.


Although this recipe calls for paprika and garlic powder, the flavor variations are endless.

As it is now, many things are good;this cheese sauceit goes great with some sliced ​​jalapenos and tomatoes on top for keto nachos.

They look great with traditionalsalsa, blue room, ofavocado sauces.

Drizzling with True Lime and adding a little bit of cayenne pepper for added heat and south-of-the-border flavor is another way to make this keto tortilla chip recipe even tastier.

You can even squeeze fresh lemon juice over your crispy fries for great flavor!

you could use somelow carb icing sugarand cinnamon for a sweet chip, perfect for acheesecake sauceofcookie dough sauce. Sometimes a sweet, crunchy chip is just what you need, and these sauces complete it!

These delicious fries don't just taste delicious with your favorite low-carb dip.

hot sauces likeChicken Parmesan Sauce,pizzadip, ofspinach sauceThey taste great with these Crispy Keto Tortilla Chips!

Holiday parties, game nights with friends, and afternoon treats just got even tastier.

How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (10)


The good thing about these chips is that you can make them ahead of time and enjoy them for several days.

Simply bake them, let them cool completely, and store them in an airtight container.

They will keep for several days at room temperature. If you keep them in the fridge they can get soggy so I don't recommend it.


What other foods can be used as a replacement for French fries on a keto diet?

There are many different foods that can be used as delicious keto-friendly snacks!

Below are some examples of what these keto-friendly chips might look like.

Pork rinds are the perfect carb-free chips, and essentially, the perfect keto treat.


Pepperoni is a high-fat, high-protein, low-carb food.

And pepperoni chips are probably the simplest keto chips out there—and they double as protein chips.

They are a great low-carb, gluten-free alternative to regular potato chips.

Pepperoni (or even salami) can be turned into crispy pepperoni chips, perfect for dipping.

Just place the pepperoni slices on a paper towel and microwave for about 30 seconds.

Your "fries" will get crispy as they cool!

How easy is that?


No, regular tortilla chips are not keto-friendly.

Tortilla chips are not keto-friendly because they are usually made from wheat flour or a corn product, which is naturally high in carbs.

But I have good news: the recipe shared at the end of this post is a keto tortilla chips recipe!

These keto chips are crunchy and crunchy and hold their shape perfectly.

They make a great low-carb substitute for tortillas or corn chips.

They make great snacks for guacamole, salsa, or a simple appetizer.

Some private label chips, like Quest chips (the tortilla variety) or Siete Tortilla chips, may be lower in carbs than other brands, but they still contain some not-so-good ingredients.

These keto chips are the best low carb alternative to traditional tortilla chips and you are sure to love them!


You should avoid chips made primarily from starchy vegetables like corn, wheat and potatoes.

There aren't many options for store-bought keto chips, so it's great that you're here to see the recipe below, which shows you how to make them at home!

Plus, these chips are low in net carbs per serving! There is only 1 net carb per serving!


Well, if you count pork rinds as french fries, then YES!

But it can be hard to find other carb-free chips to buy at the grocery store!

(And I'm not familiar with low-carb chips - seems like a misnomer - as potatoes are so high in carbs!)


If you want to buy low-carb chips, read the ingredients and make sure they don't contain sugar, starch or grains.

One product that has become increasingly popular in recent years is parmesan chips.

They make a great crunchy and salty snack with keto chips - which can be a great substitute for potato chips, plus they're naturally low in carbs!

This allows you to make your own version at home.3-ingredient cheese crackers recipe!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to use low carb potato chips as a replacement for traditional tortilla chips or potato chips.

To get started with your own low-carb chips, we recommend making our easy recipe below.

This is an easy fix for anyone looking to eat less carbs and still enjoy a crispy potato chip!

How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (11)

Yield: 9 servings

How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (12)

There's no need to miss out on fries on your low-carb journey. These keto tortilla chips will satisfy your craving for crunchy chips every time, without the carbs commonly associated with snack foods.

Setup time8 minutes

cooking time10 minutes

Extra time2 minutes

Total time20 minutes



  1. Preheat oven to 390F.
  2. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. In a medium bowl, combine the almond flour, paprika and garlic powder, whisk until well blended and set aside.
  4. In a microwave-safe bowl, add the mozzarella cheese and microwave for 40-60 seconds or until cheese is melted.
  5. Add the egg to the dry ingredients, beat well (it's okay if there are lumps).
  6. Add the melted cheese to the dry ingredients and egg mixture and knead by hand until well blended.
  7. Form a ball with the dough and place it between two sheets of parchment paper.
  8. Start smoothing the dough with your hands and then continue with a rolling pin until it is completely flat and about 2mm thick.
  9. Using a knife, cut lines about 4.5 cm wide, then cut triangles from the line by zigzag cutting until you have done the same with all the dough. (See photo below for a visual image.)How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (13)
  10. Carefully place the fries on the baking sheet - slightly spaced apart, bake for 10 minutes and bake over low heat for a further 2 minutes or until golden brown.
  11. Remove from the oven, let cool for a few minutes and serve with salsa or your favorite sauce.


If you don't use a microwave, you can melt the cheese on the stove.

One serving equals about 6 chips.

How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping! (14)

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Nutritional information



serving size


Amount per servingcalories140total fat11gtrance know0gcarbohydrates2gNet Carbohydrates1gFiber1gEgg white8 gr

Nutritional information may vary depending on the ingredients used.

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How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips | Easy, baked, perfect for dipping!? ›

Pork rinds are the perfect no-carb chips and the supreme snack on keto. They are made from fried, baked, or roasted pig skins and contain large amounts of fat and protein. Most importantly, they contain zero carbs, which make them keto superstars.

What is a low-carb alternative to chips for dipping? ›

Pork rinds are the perfect no-carb chips and the supreme snack on keto. They are made from fried, baked, or roasted pig skins and contain large amounts of fat and protein. Most importantly, they contain zero carbs, which make them keto superstars.

Can you crisp up tortilla chips in the oven? ›

If you've exhausted every way to repurpose them, stale tortilla chips can be revived in the oven. Just lay them out on a baking sheet and toast them in a 400°F oven for three to five minutes until they're crispy again.

Which tortilla chips are baked not fried? ›

Tortilla Chips. Frito-Lay's line of BAKED snacks are baked, not fried, to give you the great taste you've come to love with Frito-Lay snacks. On top of that, BAKED snacks offer less fat than regular potato chips1, cheese-flavored snacks2, and tortilla chips3.

Why are my baked tortilla chips chewy? ›

Why Are My Tortilla Chips Chewy? This is usually caused by two major things: You didn't have your oil at the right temperature to support deep frying. (Or the temperature dropped too much between batches of chips.)

Is there such thing as a low carb tortilla chip? ›

Siete Family Foods Grain Free No Salt Tortilla Chips With Avocado Oil. These low-carb tortilla chips are made with cassava flour, avocado oil, coconut flour, and chia seeds.

Why are my oven chips not crispy? ›

The chips are hotter where they have contact with the pan and oil. If the oven isn't hot enough to brown the chips on the 'air-side', or if there's not space for the heat to circulate around each chip, they'll be unevenly crisp.

Why are my baked chips soggy? ›

3 tips to get the crispiest oven-baked chips

Starch on the surface of the chips locks in moisture and causes them to go soggy. Drain the chips and rinse under cold water, then dry thoroughly before cooking. 2. Using enough of the right oil.

Are restaurant tortilla chips baked or fried? ›

Corn and tortilla chips are the fastest-growing market within the salted snack category. Extruded corn chips are produced from coarsely ground lime cooked masa that is formed and deep-fat-fried, whereas tortilla chips are produced from pieces of baked tortillas that are deep-fat-fried.

How are restaurant tortilla chips so thin? ›

They usually roll their own tortillas very thin. Also fresh chips that haven't been stored are lighter and crispier, which may make them seem thinner than they are. Some restaurants own really big machines (or even possibly use a pasta machine) with powerful rollers that can keep them very consistent.

What's the difference between nacho chips and tortilla chips? ›

Let's put it this way. Tortilla chips are stand-alone snacks while Nachos comprises tortilla chips as their base. Nachos always come with a bed of tortilla chips, cheese sauce, meat, beans, or other vegetables and sauces. So in short, tortilla chips are *THE* chips alone, while Nachos are CHIPS+ other add-ons.

Why are restaurant tortilla chips so much better? ›

The key word is "warm." What makes restaurant chips so amazing is that they arrive to your table all toasty, as if they were freshly fried moments before hitting the table.

How do you keep tortilla chips crisp? ›

To avoid ending up with stale, inedible chips, it's important to store your tortilla munchies the right way. Keep your chip stash in a cool, dry place, like a pantry or cupboard, and avoid storing them in areas that are prone to humidity or temperature fluctuations.

How to make store bought tortilla chips taste like restaurant? ›

Special equipment:
  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.
  2. Pour out the bag of tortilla chips onto a baking sheet or two. Spritz with a little olive oil from an olive oil spritzer, then sprinkle with some chile-lime seasoning. Transfer to the oven for about 10 minutes. Remove the chips to a basket and serve immediately.

What can I dip besides chips? ›

10 crunchy and colorful alternatives to chips and dip
  1. Iceburg lettuce with ranch dip. ...
  2. Carrot “chips” and pea dip. ...
  3. Celery and buffalo chicken dip. ...
  4. Apple “nachos” ...
  5. Whole grain crackers with hummus. ...
  6. Baby bell peppers with guacamole. ...
  7. Jicama with salsa. ...
  8. Snap peas with mint dip.
Jun 30, 2016

What can I replace chips with for a snack? ›

Fruits and vegetables can be turned into chips – with less fat and more nutrients:
  • Kale chips.
  • Apple slices with nut butter.
  • Baked zucchini chips.
  • Roasted chickpeas.
  • Baked banana chips.
  • Baked green bean chips.
  • Baked apple chips.
  • Roasted brussels sprouts.

What can I use instead of crackers for dips? ›

Carrot Sticks

These are a classic cracker alternative, and go with pretty much any dip as well as cheese. Sticks are best for dip but you can cut carrot rounds if you want the shape of a typical cracker and then top with cheese or create a fancy topping (like cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill).

What to eat on keto when you want chips? ›

  • 4505 Jalapeno Cheddar Pork Rinds.
  • Genius Gourmet Keto Snack Chips.
  • HighKey Low Carb Sea Salt Crackers.
  • Homemade Keto Tortilla Chips.
  • Keto Cheese Chip.
  • Crunchy Sweet Glazed Keto Bacon Chip.
  • Keto Kale Chips.
  • Jerky crisis.
Apr 6, 2022


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